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We are a joint venture, software engineering, management and business development firm. We are composed of thought leaders, consultants, sales professionals, software engineers, designers, content creators, and project managers. We specialize in biomedical informatics, massive sales organization software, affiliate systems, laboratory software and enterprise management innovations in the medical industry.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Beto Paredes Family of Companies owns several medical industry platforms, software companies and projects. We offer the opportunity to Joint Venture on qualified projects within our skill set. We would love to talk with you.


Current Partners of the Beto Paredes Family of Companies

Beto Paredes has partnered with some of the most successful names in business consulting, medical services and sales management in the country.

Medical Underpayment Programs

Access health brings you a revenue cycle system designed to help Healthcare providers with the necessary tools, data, and business intelligence support necessary to reduce opduce operational costs and maximize revenue.



We have worked with some of the most influential people in the world. We understand clients’ requirements and execute our plans and job accordingly. Our team puts in their best effort and what they have to develop the most unique, cutting-edge, custom solution that best fits the client’s business.

We appreciate the feedback from the client’s end and will make necessary changes without compromising the quality. Click to see what other professionals and global entrepreneurs have commented about us.


Through in-house development and joint ventures, we currently engineer innovative technologies and services specialized in the medical industry.

We employ a pool of talented wizards who keep fresh concepts and ideas on the table. Our development and design team works closely to detect the loops and deliver our clients the most advanced yet easy-to-navigate and user-friendly solutions. They are highly skilled, experienced and professional to understand the client’s requirements and use the latest technologies to provide the product within the deadline.


Clinical Speed offers a unique suite of healthcare systems:

Decision Doc AI, Decision Doc MX, and Practice2Lab. These innovative tools work harmoniously to enhance the accuracy of patient diagnoses, utilizing comprehensive patient intake information. In addition, we revolutionize patient acquisition for medical professionals through enticing reward initiatives and a superior marketing approach.

Our dynamic system contributes an impressive average of $75,000 per month to physician practices, driven by effective new patient acquisition strategies. With our advanced AI features such as Potential Diagnosis, Treatment Protocols, Medication Recommendations, Lifestyle Adjustments, Sample Conversations, and Expert Opinions, your practice can stand out as a trailblazer in the field.

By tackling the dual challenges of delivering state-of-the-art medical services and building a robust reputation, Clinical Speed addresses the industry's demand for credibility and top-notch care. All of this is achieved at an accessible cost per acquisition, making quality healthcare attainable for a wider audience.

Decision Doc AI - a cutting-edge healthcare management system is poised to revolutionize patient diagnoses within a remarkably short timeframe. This pioneering platform stands as a steadfast companion for medical professionals, augmenting their decision-making prowess and elevating the precision of diagnoses through a fusion of patient intake data and physician evaluations.

Enriched by the formidable capabilities of AI technology, Decision Doc AI unveils intricate insights sourced from the patient's disease status. Beyond enhancing the efficiency of lab test requisitions, it unfurls a comprehensive spectrum of offerings including Potential Diagnosis, Treatment Protocols, Medication, Lifestyle Changes, Sample Conversations, and Professional Opinions.

The impact of this system extends its benefits to both doctors and patients alike. For physicians, it translates into the ability to present patients with well-informed pathways for their treatment journey. On the other side of the healthcare spectrum, patients are empowered with invaluable insights into managing their specific disease conditions, complete with tailored lifestyle adjustments. Moreover, they are equipped with the knowledge of which specialists are best suited to consult for their unique medical needs.

Experience the healthcare industry's pinnacle in management systems with Decision Doc MX. Distinguished by its integration of cutting-edge ANS testing medical devices like RM-3A and TM-FlOW, this platform is a hub of excellence for data reporting and billing processes. Harnessing meticulously crafted custom algorithms, it adeptly extracts biomedical informatics from diverse reporting modes, presenting impeccably validated medical insights.

The synergy of Decision Doc AI's advanced capabilities further propels this system into a space of unrivaled efficiency. By significantly condensing the potential time required for patient diagnoses, it empowers healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions with an expanded perspective. The intricate threads of LCD requisites, encounter forms, and billing submissions are intricately woven within the framework of reporting data.

Each encounter's data is thoughtfully prepared for physical review, bolstered by a digital signature facility to ensure meticulous accuracy. Amidst these technological marvels, the system harmoniously integrates advanced patient acquisition tools, providing practices with an online lead-capturing advantage. This landscape is enriched by a distinctive rewards program that not only ensures seamless income escalation but also safeguards business continuity without disruptions.

Practice2Lab – an innovative Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. This groundbreaking solution empowers medical practitioners to seamlessly align crucial diagnostic requirements with patient intake information. Notably, it illuminates the rationale behind each prescribed lab test, facilitating doctors in making informed decisions about essential tests to be conducted.

By harnessing the potential of Practice2Lab, doctors are equipped to elevate their diagnostic prowess through patient intake insights. This transformative system streamlines the process of test ordering, enabling physicians to efficiently request tests directly from accredited laboratories with just a few clicks. As a result, the traditionally time-consuming process of patient diagnosis is accelerated, allowing for swifter and more accurate medical decisions.

Moreover, Practice2Lab strategically categorizes laboratories based on their specialized assays, ensuring not only ease of access for medical practitioners but also expediting the diagnostic journey. Through this intuitive platform, doctors gain the advantage of enhanced diagnostic decision-making in patient data, coupled with the convenience of seamless test requisitioning from a variety of accredited labs.

Practice Presence is the ultimate service for all your marketing objectives and online presence management. With the Practice Presence Platform you engage a 360 degree marketing model that leaves nothing valuable off limits. Go from the 30 new patients most agencies offer you to 200+ with our technology and methods. We will redesign your current website and put it on the Practice Presence marketing platform. This is the first step to launching these new directives.

We will create several specialized funnels and landing pages built to interest and educate new patients/clients tied directly into an appointment booking system. You will have the ability to create multiple campaigns for tracking funnel success across all marketing platforms. We give you all the assets needed for your digital marketing efforts such as banners, ad copy, social temples, email templates and more.

You will have account access for your inhouse team as well as any other agency you may be working with. Our platform has all the expected sub-id and pixel tracking agencies expect to see in a professional system.

Our pharmacy program makes the most used, generic medications available for FREE to everyone. These drugs treat conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, and Depression.

We have assembled a team of pharmacy professionals with experience in all aspects of the industry. Our expertise resides in medication pricing, sourcing, distribution, strategy, and marketing. With decades of real-world knowledge, we set out to build the most efficient and cost-effective pharmacy in the United States. We have the most high-tech software, hardware, and processing system around and utilize its capabilities to deliver medications within 1-3 days right to your door for prices you won’t find anywhere else.

At Access Discount Healthcare we have made it our mission to help the uninsured and underinsured (people with insurance but whose deductibles are so high they never meet them, and they are paying full price for medicine). With decades of relationships, partnerships, and buying power, we have pooled our resources. We are bringing you the lowest prices on medications in the country.

Our expertise in handling accounts payable, decreasing operating expenses, and reducing and saving money spent on taxes are vital to the success of every business.

Aspire Partners is the trusted solution, and we are looking for experienced professionals to connect these businesses to our timely solutions.

In today’s environment, professionals are concerned about improving their financial health, whether through being a business owner, getting a higher-paying job, or wanting to improve their retirement income. The question is, what do you do?

The answer resides with your existing business contacts. You can work with Aspire Partners ALONGSIDE your current position or business to help you retire SOONER and earn a FIVE, SIX, or even SEVEN-FIGURE income over five, ten, or more years. You can leverage your business relationships without changing your job, with little time, zero financial investment, and no reputational risk.

MedWorldOne.com was developed through a JV Partnership with World Scientific and the LABS engineering division of the Beto Paredes Family of Companies. Our platform facilitates the procurement of used and nearly expired medical equipment from hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical facilities and distributors into an online marketplace.

The MedWorldOne.com international business model exposes valuable medical equipment to an international consortium of partnerships. The demand side market of governments, hospitals and other medical facilities worldwide can search and buy equipment directly on our platform. We work with every size of buyer. Our services include access to consultants that source large scale hospital furnishing and equipment needs and prepare full build quotes. Direct distributors can also build in accounts and sell at controlled prices. This project started in 2020 and MedWorldOne.com is set to launch in May 2022.

Medical Underpayment Programs

Access health brings you a revenue cycle system designed to help Healthcare providers with the necessary tools, data, and business intelligence support necessary to reduce opduce operational costs and maximize revenue.



Since 2002, Beto has been serving as an internet entrepreneur and consulting firm successfully. Because of our many years of experience in sales operation, we personally manage the national sales for director programs. Our endless doors of opportunities let us collaborate with renowned companies to offer path-breaking healthcare programs.