Current Platforms

The following are our current full-time in-house or JV-funded projects with The Beto Paredes Family of Companies.


The Clinical Speed suite of products are focused on the reengineered and advanced methods of the patient intake process. Our company focuses on point of contact data diagnostics, medical necessity and maximum disease state discovery.

Clinical Speed has put thousands of engineering hours into the philosophy of initial patient intake and disease state discovery. This all the way from marketing technology where patients decide themselves to enter evaluation to high quality analysis for initial medical necessity review.

Our Suite of products will empower your Laboratory, Medical practice and intake protocol in the most profound ways possible. Our products bring the physicians in smaller practices to higher levels of patient disease visibility earlier, speeding up the discovery process.

Clinical Speed has written a specialized index library of the American Medical Codex, understood as the CPT and ICD valuation regulations.

Our platform Algorithms are also tied directly into the LCD qualifications for diagnostics in Laboratory, ANS and next step medical necessity validation.

All of our specialized reporting is made available through master reports developed to submit to payers along with encounter forms.

For the TM-Flow A.N.S. medical device and its 65 ICD+ modifiers we have developed a full evidence analysis suite. This also generates accurate encounter forms to be signed by physicians and sent to payers.

Our platforms are some of the first in the industry to bring the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) directly to the providers using our programs.

Reduces patient requisition time by giving physicians potential diagnosis recommendations.

White-label model for your laboratory.

Our Reward Program encourages the use of Local Businesses for referrals and recommendations and offer certain reward amount for each patient visit.

Decision DOC AI is the central technology that empowers the rest of our software initiative in Clinical Speed. This platform was developed to give a physician the maximum visibility of a patient’s potential disease state from the subjective input at intake.

The Artificial Intelligence engineering world is merging with the Medial industry. We are a pioneer in this space, bringing first to market AI provider programs in treatment protocol and so much more.

The AI of ChatGPT 4, the industry leading AI engine, has been fully integrated into DecisionDOC AI. Our AI platform will generate opinion for most other physician taxonomies to help you decide to refer or not by re-evaluating all the data.

Individual dashboards for medical practitioners within the practice

Enterprise Management features for multiple locations of a practice

Practices can email assessment form before patient’s visit

Potential diagnosis validation based on patient assessment

Suggests treatments based on potential diagnosis found

Suggests medication based on potential diagnosis

Recommends necessary lifestyle changes for improved well-being

AI-generated sample conversation between patient and doctor

Expert opinion on treatments based on potential diagnosis

Interactive training sessions for all the practice-level users

The Decision DOC MX software suite brings two major critical points to the table for the medical practice— MX Marketing Suite and Services & TM-Flow ANS medical device. All of the DecisionDOC AI core programs are included in the MX version of the platform.

MX takes the point of intake into digital marketing, social marketing and sales organization space. MX adds new patient acquisition and objective data diagnostics to the DecisonDOC suite of services.

This Suite has all of the features necessary to turn on a patient acquisition model, centered around our intake and medical necessity, that you can get nowhere else. We help practices go from 20 to 30 patients like other agencies offer to 200+ a month.

Physician Dashboard and test analysis back-office

Individual Dashboard access for medical personnel within the practice

Encounter Form algorithm creation & management

Auto-generated Encounter & IBT Forms

Additional tests validation by establishing medical necessity

Comprehensive Billing Support & Oversight (Current Adjudication Rate is 98%)

Medical technician Scheduling Calendar

Diabetic program for patient knowledge building

Enterprise Management features for multiple location s of a practice

Marketing Materials for Physician and Patient network

Practices can email assessment form prior to patient’s visit

Income elevation scope with Share4Rewards and no disruption to existing business

Integration of AI features for potential diagnosis validation based on patient assessment

Rapid Response Virtual Platform revolutionizes the intake process. Our intake technology changes the way providers order labs. Once a patient fills out our intake form, our system checks for medical necessity and gives your providers a list of every potential lab order they could order for that patient.

Rapid Response Virtual Platform was built specifically for Clia laboratories offering a standard lab service for providers. The Rapid Response Virtual Platform gives a significant edge over competitors.

By switching to our virtual intake system, providers will have a cross-reference system that automatically provides medical necessity based on patient symptoms for every potential laboratory they can order.

With the Rapid Response Virtual Platform software suit at your fingertips and on the computers for your providers the labs being ordered will significantly increase. This is from both your current providers and all new providers you may add in the future. This is also great for laboratories and wonderful for providers as they are getting a maximum amount of data on their managed patient.

Individual dashboard for medical practitioners within the practice.

Enterprise Management features for multiple locations of a lab.

Practices can email assessment forms before a patient's visit.

Provides crucial diagnostic requirements based on patient intake form.

On the “Order-sheet” we show Validated Laboratory Tests with “Reasons”, “Assays”, “Validated Symptoms” and “Potential Diagnosis (The regular one)”

2 full time providers and 3 full time credentialed staff can qualify for the program. (third could be a Nurse, LMP etc)

Best-in-class POC equipment seamless integration as an extension of the LAB.

Practice or Labs can track the activities of associated members

Labs can set up an Rapid-Response Extendable Lab at other locations without getting a Clia license.

Labs can generate the report of the patients while the patients are still there, giving them an opportunity to become Rapid Response Medical Center or high-class urgent care.

Extendable database for additional options for population management.

Single and remote point of management helps the labs to manage and access their multiple locations.

Practice Presence is the ultimate service for all your marketing objectives and online presence management. With the Practice Presence Platform you engage a 360 degree marketing model that leaves nothing valuable off limits. Go from the 30 new patients most agencies offer you to 200+ with our technology and methods.

Practice Presence gives Social Advo Management System and Testimonial Management System that will double up your practice value enabling you to get more patient acquisition opportunities plus positively impacting your revenue.

Practice Presence is the ultimate marketing system for your practice. Our wide range of services provides you with every golden chance of brand awareness, social media presence for significantly increasing your patient acquisition rate with a one-time cost.

Display advertising with GMB (Google My Business) for local promotion and branding to get more patients.

Social Advo Management through popular social media platform- Facebook to become advocates of your practice and bring in new clients onboard.

Marketing your practice online at specific intervals, say, once a day, once a week or once a month for brand awareness and social media visibility.

Personal referral to gain the benefits of being seen by all of your advocates’ friends and family and improve patient acquisition and engagement.

Ask your clients to put testimonials and our full-fledged testimonial management system enables you to add, edit and share it across multiple platforms. You can add testimonials in various formats, including text, images, videos, and audio recordings.

Your provider gets access to Proposals. Flyers, Quarter Cuts etc. as marketing assets for display advertising.

We offer direct sign up opportunity through well-crafted Landing Pages for your salespeople to gather leads and spread the message.

Future partner development system through our advocacy programs which can be run on social media platforms.

Access to back office management system with fully-manageable CRM, Training System with advanced features like Conversion Tracking, Pixel Tracking, and Ecommerce Integration to measure, manage, and integrate multiple tracking system.

One of a kind Reward Program to utilize the local businesses for promotion and bring leads for your practice. We ship Quarter Cuts and provide QR for their location through which they can earn certain reward amount for each customer visit to the practice.

Opportunities are boundless, connections are meaningful, and success is inevitable.

The user-friendly interface presents a vast array of opportunities, allowing flexibility to explore and capitalize on potential leads. Users take charge of their success by creating personalized campaigns for onboarding leads and collecting vital data.

Users dive into a world of opportunities through the extensive video library, which offers comprehensive insights tailored to support their journey toward closing deals and achieving unparalleled success. They seamlessly connect with leads to foster meaningful relationships that drive results, sharing meticulously curated campaign lists with ease to ensure purposeful and targeted interactions.

In the realm of sales, every feature and function holds significance. At Beto Paredes Sales Back Office, no stone is left unturned. The platform acts as a comprehensive toolkit, arming users with everything needed to navigate the sales landscape successfully. From impactful campaign creation to data-driven strategies, an environment is curated that fosters collaboration and success.

Important features and services offered by Sales Back Office include:

Establishes a structured relationship between sales representatives and leads.

Admin moderates all operational work and features, ensuring control and oversight.

Provides a detailed dashboard with a vast list of opportunities for sales representatives.

Enables users to create and manage diverse opportunities, tailoring approaches to different leads.

Allows users to create customized onboarding campaigns for leads, ensuring a strategic approach.

Empower users to incorporate proper data into campaigns, enhancing lead engagement and conversion.

Offers educational videos to enhance users' understanding of opportunity benefits.

Facilitates seamless communication by allowing reps to connect with leads via email through the platform.

Enables sales reps to share campaign lists with leads, fostering transparency and collaboration.

Provides a complete set of workable features, equipping reps with tools to efficiently navigate and close deals.

Igniting Success: Empower Your Business with Deal Fire CRM

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, where strategic financial management is key, Deal Fire CRM emerges as a guiding light, empowering businesses to optimize tax expenditures for unparalleled success. Crafted to streamline lead management, this CRM system ensures effortless handling of leads and smooth transitions of ownership.

Offering invaluable small business expertise precisely when needed, Deal Fire CRM goes beyond conventional solutions with its annual billing verification and underpayment opportunities. Beyond lead consolidation, this dynamic CRM propels prospects through the sales pipeline, meticulously tracks all communications, and employs an automated follow-up messaging system. Unleash the full potential of your business with Deal Fire CRM, where empowerment and efficiency converge for lasting excellence.

Important features and services offered by Deal Fire CRM:

Deal Fire CRM guides businesses in optimizing tax expenditures for success in the evolving business landscape.

The CRM streamlines lead management for smooth transitions and ownership handling.

Deal Fire CRM provides tailored solutions for small businesses precisely when needed.

The CRM ensures accuracy with annual billing verification, enhancing transparency in financial transactions.

Identifying underpayment opportunities, Deal Fire CRM maximizes cost-saving potential.

Beyond consolidation, the CRM propels prospects through the sales pipeline, enhancing conversion efficiency.

Meticulously tracks all communications, offering a comprehensive overview of interactions with leads and clients.

Utilizes automated follow-up messaging for consistent communication, improving engagement and conversion rates.

Deal Fire CRM empowers businesses with tools and features for efficiency and excellence.

The CRM system synergizes empowerment and efficiency for lasting excellence in business operations.


MedWorldOne.com was developed through a JV Partnership with World Scientific and the LABS engineering division of the Beto Paredes Family of Companies. Our platform facilitates the procurement of used and nearly expired medical equipment from hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical facilities, and distributors into an online marketplace.

The MedWorldOne.com international business model exposes valuable medical equipment to an international consortium of partnerships. The demand side market of governments, hospitals and other medical facilities worldwide can search and buy equipment directly on our platform. We work with every size of buyer. Our services include access to consultants that source large scale hospital furnishing, and equipment needs and prepare full build quotes. Direct distributors can also build in accounts and sell at controlled prices. This project started in 2020 and MedWorldOne.com is set to launch in May 2022.

Important features and services offered by MedWorldOne.com include:

Buy, list, and sell nearly-expired, or expired Medical equipment.

Medical Facility Design Consultation.

Laboratory Supplies, Chemicals, and Equipment.

Pharmaceutical Products.

Clinical Lab Instruments.

Diagnostic Kits and Controls.

Personal Protection Equipment.

Organic and Custom Synthesis Products.

Cell Culture Supplies, Protein Assay Kits, and Reagents.

Comprehensive packages for Hospital departments, Laboratories, etc.

In-house services, field repair services, check-up, and installation calibration.

On-site services and preventative maintenance plans.

Quick and easy shipment and delivery.

Consultancy programs for laboratory designs and equipment.

With a vision to become the key specialist resource partner to hospitals and healthcare centers, MedWorldOne.com has been a pioneer in the provision of top-notch medical and laboratory equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and consumables for more than two decades.