Press Releases

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Introducing Clinical Speed: A Fusion of Advanced Healthcare Suite

A blend of advanced healthcare suites by Beto Paredes Family of Companies, revolutionizing patient care with high-level intake solutions.

Morning Mindset Revival: Empowering Your Best Self with Beto Paredes

Join Beto Paredes in the inspiring relaunch of Morning Mindset. Elevate your potential, embrace purpose, and ignite positive change with empowering daily rituals. Unleash your best self now!

Beto Paredes Disrupts Healthcare Landscape with Unveiling of Decision Doc AI

Beto Paredes revolutionizes healthcare with Decision Doc AI, an advanced platform empowering professionals with data-driven insights for improved patient care and operational efficiency.

Beto Paredes Announces Launch of Practice2Lab: A Cutting-Edge LIMS Platform

Renowned entrepreneur Beto Paredes unveils Practice2Lab, a revolutionary LIMS platform, transforming laboratory management for doctors and practices worldwide.

Beto Paredes Expands Executive Team with Three New Additions

Beto Paredes enhances its executive team with three talented professionals to drive growth and innovation in the industry.

Beto Paredes Unveils Groundbreaking Sales Management Back Office Solution, Transforming Franchise Consultancy Operations

Beto Paredes Revolutionizes Sales Management with Innovative Back Office Solution for Leading Franchise Consultancy in the country.

Beto Paredes Partners with Aspire, Inc. for Technology-Driven Innovation

Beto Parades partners with Aspire, Inc to revolutionize the engineering landscape through the latest software and technology solutions and drives more growth and excellence.