Current Inhouse, Operating Companies or Joint Venture Projects


The following are projects that we worked to develop as entrepreneurs and joint venture partners currently and over the years.

They all give a picture of what we are capable of and where you will find us in the diverse industries that we work in.

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"Don't let others tell you what's possible:boundaries are defined by each of us alone" Beto Paredes


# Reach your ideal customer in real time; on their phone, at home and on the go! Previous advertising and promotional campaigns have been too broad or slow moving. GeoAI home service solutions enables you to promote your business to specific homes, no more mass marketing. Simply select your criteria and desired audience and GeoAI does the rest. Strategically target home owners you are trying to reach. GeoAI is a mobile advertising platform allowing advertisers to target home owners and drill down by neighborhood and home amenities.

DNA Master Course

# The DNA Master Course was developed by Beto Paredes and super star performance trainer Jack Zufelt. As one of the most sought after and asked-back personal development trainers, Jack Zufelt is making his program available to the masses. With his 30 years of experience and the undeniable power of his proven system for success, Jack has created a whole new level of education. With hundreds of live events, books and audio recordings, and thousands of hours of educational development, Jack Zufelt has witnessed millions of lives change for the better through his Success Method.

Nex Medical Solutions

# Nex Medical Solutions is committed to provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to enhance patient care while contemporaneously increasing practice revenue. To that end, Nex Medical Solutions is designed to operate as the preeminent leader in comprehensive and technologically advanced medical solutions for healthcare professionals across the nation.
# Consumer Auction Service

# Probid Auto New Millennium Marketing Methodology is a more superior and digitally-driven approach never before seen by the Auto Industry! has seamlessly taken advantage of today’s technology shift, the alternating consumer behavior, and dealers’ need for newer marketing prowess to radically change the Auto Industry Marketing Methodologies. Our vision is a commitment to fostering innovative, marketable, and relevant technologies for ALL players in the auto industry.


# InfluxIQ Development Group brings a new level of professional attention to every project that we work on. We are Engineers not just developers. We will help you bring your vision to life with our unique approach to custom development. With products that focus in eCommerce and affiliate marketing we empower brands to centralize their online strategies to win big in online direct sales. As a team we have developed very unique clients and have had the privilege of working with some of the best in the industry.

Audio Deadline Music Industry Online Community

# Audio Deadline seek to unify the sound of well-known and independent artists for a single song, on a single day, and filmed in single takes from multiple angles. This allows for the ultimate interactive experience that artists can share with their fans and peers.We functions as a portal destination, live event, and population lab.


# Torqk'd brings the consciousness of outdoor sports to a new, progressive social media realm. Torqk'd is a collective of runners, jumpers, climbers, riders, hikers, surfers and all who dare to challenge the terrain from land, sky, powder and H2O. Now go get it!! Time to connect, track and explore.

ApogeeInvent Development Group

# ApogeeInvent's team of 20+ educated professionals, located throughout the US, are committed to the continual study of website effectiveness. We foster a culture of creativity and customer support. Radically effective web software is in our blood, let us be your blood donor. Our mission is to empower businesses everywhere with the best marketing tools on the web. We believe every business deserves the opportunity to compete - and succeed - on the Internet.

Auto Search Technologies, Inc

# Auto Search Technologies creates web technologies that are innovative and highly advanced. AST has set the standard for improving the way autos are marketed online. Their products and services are cost effective and powerful. They are also known for their unique traffic generating software core, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) traffic targeting system, outstanding customer service and affordable technologies.
# Marketing Services

# Boost your sales and have customers running to your dealership by tapping into the nation’s largest email marketing campaign. Our marketing analytics full circle with our Match-back guarantee analysis.Experts will analyze your marketing messages and help you determine how best to get open and click rates to your targeted prospects.We know a tremendous amount of information on the buyers in our database. You can specialize your desired data points and we can market to just that list.
# Automotive Social Sales

# Magnetic Broadcast is cutting edge technology for use in communications and posts in the social media sphere. Companies now have the ability to set up topic specific programming "channels" targeting both internal and external audiences. Use this to your advantage and help make consumers your own content producers that share their knowledge to countless others. Our Social Media Broadcasting Technology is extremely powerful for organizations.

Altus Health

# ALTUS HEALTH GROUP is a national sales organization and Labs management company offering PGX, Cancer, Urine tox and several other labs to an at home marketplace across the country. Beto Paredes is central to the management of the sales team as well as the technology development required to operate.



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