Beto Paredes LABS division

“The LABS division of the Beto Paredes Family of Companies is where I like to spend a lot of time. This is where the innovation happens.”

Beto Paredes, CEO

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Welcome to the Beto Paredes LABS division information

After working for 18 years engineering software our masterful team now leads the industry in bioinformatics analysis and algorithm development. After developing complex systems in a diverse number of industries we turned our attention to the medical industry in 2017. The LABS division of Beto Paredes was born through the analysis of the needed innovations in the medical industry. Creating solutions for laboratories, online medical communities, medical sales programs and then finally Medical Device systems our LABS have made huge progress up to date. Over the years we have turned to specializing our efforts on core bioinformatics, data query, and display technologies.

Taking a full 360-degree review of the life cycle in patient protocol our LABS division works with all the following:

  • Bioinformatic data collected from medical devices and other medical data resources
  • Encounter form and super bill data queries from a multitude of medical marker sources
  • The development of “required” step and procedure protocol for CPT required actions within treatment programs
  • The display of additionally qualified tests, labs and exams based on medial reporting charts
  • Interface development between CPT code requirements and ICD-10 code validations
  • Enterprise management systems development for accessing and collaborating on medial chart data
  • Practice management tools and multi-device and multi-user access for chart data analysis
  • Treatment protocol management for electric signaling and other medical devices
  • Chart data report deep analysis for varying the potential usefulness of additional medical markers in a variety of different outputs

Most of the innovations at our LABS have immediate end user opportunities through the various Joint Venture partners working with us. Such as RST Sanexas whom have 6,000+ practices that have purchased their electric cell signaling treatment medical devices. The inhouse developed software “PECE Platform” is fully integrated with the TM Flow and other ANS medical devices and is currently operating in dozens of practices nationwide.

The focus of our LABS efforts is in developing innovation that is not currently found available in the industry. This streamlined through the efforts of combining LCD, CPT, ICD-10 and medical marker data through the development of Algorithms. Our team are experts in the intersect of Practice medical device activities and the full life cycle of the patient.

The efforts of the LABS division of Beto Paredes is currently the framework for two innovations in the Medical Device Industry. Bioenergetics and PECE Platform. Click to see these projects.