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TM-Flow Distributors! We would love to introduce you to our add on services and additional sales opportunity for your practices.

The Beto Paredes Family of Companies engineering team has developed the ultimate management platform for the TM-Flow medical device. We can work directly with your current and future clients adding valuable services that pay you and your salespeople directly! All our programs are connected to transactional income that will pay you residuals every single month.

We work closely with your organization. Your salespeople gain access to our discovery desk to present demos and have discussions with our in-house closers and your potential practices.

Each of our programs come with all of the following:

All of the marketing material needed to present our opportunities

An online presentation center where they access short videos on every feature of our program. These include software demos, presentation explanations and contract reviews.

Access to our discovery desk consultation team for demos and discussions with potential practices. These are booked right through our back-office in real-time.

Access to digital contracts to send in for review and then to the client for signatures.

Full training with testing and graduation for all of the products and services we provide.

Top shelf training in complex medical device sales both live and through our training center.



Onboarding training

Beto Paredes Sales Opportunity

How to Introduce Yourself

Beto Paredes Sales Theory Masterclass

Beto Paredes Phone Sales Masterclass

Our Sales Process and Requirements

Using the Beto Paredes Sales Platform

HIPPA compliance

Weekly, monthly meetings and training

Morning mind set sales call – 1 time day weekdays

National sales call – 1 time a month

Complex sales strategies and tips – 1 time a week

Decision Doc/TM-Flow sales training – 2 times a month

Decision Doc

The complete management platform for the TM-Flow device programs.

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