The following are our current full-time in-house or
JV-funded projects with the
Beto Paredes Family of Companies.

A complete 360-degree ANS Testing Management Platform that is equipped with fully-managed services specialized for medical properties, physician practices, and diagnostic centers. The PECE™ (Patient Encounter Compilation & Execution) Software is the ultimate Enterprise Management software platform for the PECE™ medical device testing industry. The PECE™ program is currently compatible with the RM-3A, TM-Flow, and CMAT devices, while other major ANS testing devices are in the pipeline to be incorporated with the system soon.


This program allows physicians and practitioners to have access to critical patient data that can help detect over 20 disease complications and improve patient care and outcomes. At the same time, practices will also be able to reduce testing-durations, while also increasing their revenues significantly.

  • The PECETM virtual program management platform
  • Physician Dashboard and test analysis back-office
  • Individual Dashboard access for medical personnel within the practice
  • Encounter Form algorithm creation & management
  • Auto-generated Encounter & IBT Forms
  • Additional tests validation by establishing medical necessity
  • Comprehensive Billing Support & Oversight (Current Adjudication Rate is 98%)
  • Patient Insurance details management
  • Medical technician Scheduling Calendar
  • Physician Scheduling Calendar system for patient referral
  • Reporting access for all testing systems
  • Tech support for Med Techs and other users
  • Medical technician training platform
  • Enterprise Management features for multiple locations of a practice
  • Marketing Materials for Physician and Patient network

The consistency of the fully-managed services and the incredible features of the PECE™ Virtual Platform has transformed it into an industry leader in the ANS testing environment, scaling current standards and setting new ones all the time.

Jack M. Zufelt, one of the most successful, globally-established businessmen, consultants, and influencers, brings to you his most advanced system to date, the DNA Master Course Online Training system, and mentor program. His one-of-a-kind concept is backed by scientific evidence and is proven to create incredible results, and is among the most successful personal development master courses that exist on the planet!

Jack is an international celebrity speaker and trainer, and has appeared on The TODAY SHOW! He has also been interviewed on over 2,000 TV and radio stations, having been heard or seen by over 150 Million people around the World. That’s why he has been given the title “Mentor to Millions”.

The DNA of Success and its DNA Master Course Online Training system offers instant access to incredible online courses, training material, marketing contents, and other invaluable products that can help in the easy and quick identification of personal barriers that prevent people from leading successful lives, and methods on how to overcome them.

  • Immediate access to individual User Dashboard
  • Access to online courses and other training material
  • Personal interactive sessions with certified Mentors
  • The ability for Mentees to choose and change Mentors
  • Mentor Scheduling Calendar
  • Mentee progress monitoring & feedback
  • Periodic Webinar meetings with Jack
  • Celebrity Guest(s) speakers
  • Customized marketing banners for affiliates and mentors
  • Flyers, landing pages, and other content for affiliates
  • Commission management and tracking
  • Tech support for all user Dashboards

Jack Zufelt has already helped millions of people around the world, and now, his new and exciting DNA Master Courses are here to guide others to a life of incredible success and great satisfaction by overcoming all personal barriers and achieving every desire in every aspect of their lives! is an international marketplace for the medical industry dealing with the listing and sale of used, nearly-expired, or expired Medical equipment. With a massive inventory listing 100,000+ premium-quality Hospital, Laboratory, and Clinical equipment, as well as Wholesale Diagnostic and Post-acute Care Medical Supplies, aims to create unique partnerships and provide fulfill their medical, pharmaceuticals, and laboratory needs, and contribute to their personal and commercial success. currently has partnerships with 100+ medical partners and key clients from all around the globe, with access to the largest demand-side platform for used medical equipment and machinery. Providing both domestic and international sales, along with unparalleled customer service, offers extremely competitive pricing unparalleled anywhere else in the industry.

Housing premium quality hospital and laboratory equipment from top brands within the United States of America, as well as beyond international borders, offers top-notch machinery and equipment at inexpensive price points that are achieved through greatly reduced inventory costs, warehouse-management expenses, and even prevent inventory-depreciation.

  • Buy, list, and sell nearly-expired, or expired Medical equipment
  • Medical Facility Design Consultation
  • Laboratory Supplies, Chemicals, and Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Clinical Lab Instruments
  • Diagnostic Kits and Controls
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Organic and Custom Synthesis Products
  • Cell Culture Supplies, Protein Assay Kits, and Reagents
  • Comprehensive packages for Hospital departments, Laboratories, etc.
  • In-house services, field repair services, check-up, and installation calibration
  • On-site services and preventative maintenance plans
  • Quick and easy shipment and delivery
  • Consultancy programs for laboratory designs and equipment

With a vision to become the key specialist resource partner to hospitals and healthcare centers, has been a pioneer in the provision of top-notch medical and laboratory equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and consumables for more than two decades.

ArtistXP is a brand new social networking platform that is all about offering the best Social Experience to Artists and their fans. This platform is meant to be a place where artists from varying genres can get together, interact with each other, express their artistry and view that of others, share and exchange content, etc.

This platform also enables fans to enjoy the content as well as interact with their favorite artists from varying genres in one place. Even affiliates have incredible earning opportunities here through ticket sales and merchandise trading. Hence, all kinds of people associated with the entertainment industry can enjoy a piece of the Artist Experience!

The different genres of artistry that can obtain the advantages of the portal include Producers, Musicians, Dancers, and Models. Musicians that can benefit from this platform include Vocalists, Rappers, Pianists, Guitarists, etc. This is the place to be for any artists out there looking for exposure.

  • Individual social networking Dashboard for all users
  • Content Management from multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.
  • In-built media players and plug-ins
  • Periodic competitions for all artists
  • Live-streaming of competitions and studio recordings
  • Direct voting ability for fans to support their favorite artists
  • Newsfeed with content from other artists
  • Direct Messaging and Chatting with other artists and fans
  • Content trading between artists
  • Content security and copyright through blockchain
  • Affiliation program with great earning potential

The ArtistXP experience is solely for the music and entertainment industry and offers exclusive access to a niche audience that can understand and appreciate the quality of content better, unlike most other popular social media platforms that are abuzz with a lot of noise to distract fans from quality content.


Social Advo is a unique and powerful new tool for Social Media Marketing. This piece of technology utilizes the incredible opportunity for companies and marketing agencies to make use of their own employees, friends and families, happy customers, and industry influencers, as well as their own reach on the social media platforms, to reach out to potential new customers with marketing content and advertisements.

While most social media advertisement is focused on display ads and viral marketing, the practices employed at Social Advo are aimed at making the best use of the incredible advantages that marketing through personal Social Media sharing has to offer. This increases the rate of reactions achieved as people are most likely to react to media posts and marketing content endorsed by their friends rather than the ads that are auto-suggested by the bots and algorithms of the social media platforms.

Social Advo offers businesses a technology that allows them to set up different advertising channels and pushing varying content and messaging at regular intervals. The algorithms will then prioritize the posts according to their types and quality, which will then assist these posts to appear higher up on the newsfeeds of the social media accounts (across platforms) of the friends of the person posting the content.

  • Individual user dashboard access
  • Easy integration of multiple social media platforms and accounts
  • Content management to monitor the kind of content shared
  • Library management for different types of content
  • Scheduling management for social media posts and advertisements to be shared at precise hours
  • Wider outreach than any other social networking platform
  • Automatic periodic notifications for subscribers to push/share media posts

Social Advo is the social advocacy platform that helps businesses to turn their social media reach into an opportunity for the advertisement and marketing of their services and products! Social Advo gives businesses the tools to harness these algorithms and ensure that their advertising gets widespread visibility by turning the sharing of ads into a personal social media experience!

ProBid Auto is an online marketplace for used and pre-owned vehicles, offering the easiest and the most convenient way for car buyers to get their desired cars. This platform lists used cars for sale from multiple dealerships, as well as major pre-owned vehicle auction houses from all around the United States of America. This ensures car buyers get their desired vehicles without having to pay premium prices for them.

Comprising a team of incredible professionals and industry leaders, ProBid Auto has been leading the way and setting new standards in the online automotive industry, and has launched hundreds of successful projects. Some of these projects include services and technologies in the dealer marketing sector and have achieved massive amounts of success in the internet space, revolutionizing the car-buying process for thousands of car buyers online.

The platform allows car buyers to make hassle-free used-car purchases since they do not have to deal with multiple car dealers or auction houses in order to get their desired vehicles. At the same time, the vast inventory and the multiple options on offer also increase the chances of buyers getting the vehicles of their choice. The prices on this platform are also difficult to match anywhere else in the industry as the vehicles are availed directly from the auction houses.

  • Vast inventory with thousands of high-quality vehicles on offer
  • Includes inventory from multiple auction houses from all over the country
  • Incredible prices unmatched anywhere else in the industry
  • Individual user-friendly dashboard for all user types
  • An easy and simple process of booking and purchasing vehicles
  • Regular updates and notifications when new vehicles are added to the inventory
  • Simplistic search tool to browse for the desired vehicle by model, type, categories, brands, year, etc.
  • Commission management and tracking for salespeople
  • Powerful parameters for consumers to customize the kind of vehicles they are looking for
  • A trusted platform that has successfully catered to thousands of consumers, dealers, and salespeople

At ProBid Auto, the entire car-buying experience has been made extremely convenient and simpler for the buyers, as well as the salespeople. Regardless of the kind of car desired, buyers can expect to find the exact vehicle that they desire (right down to the exact specifications they seek), while also saving them plenty of money through competitive prices!



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